Jul 6, 2010

My Ipod

I love music of all sorts! Right now I am lovin' country music!! :) US99.5 is the best radio station for country by me! Cannot get enough

We are leaving soon for our annual summer vaca (8hrs of driving!) and I have been trying to put more music on my ipod. After trying for over an hour to sync my Ipod, I am now almost positive that it is fried! UGH! So much money down the drain. The ipod will not sync and the rest of my music is not on it either.

Luckily I had bought an ipod touch recently but it does not have much room for music because I use it more for a calendar and for the apps for when I am at school.

Time to move some music to my Ipod touch!

Do you have a favorite country song? Would love to hear about it!

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