Aug 26, 2010

Nursing School. Ugh.

The day that I have been dreading has come.

Back to school.

I thought I would be excited because it is the semester that I get to work with kids and labor and delivery!

I cannot get this negative attitude away. I am fine when I am not doing or thinking about it but it is terrible. I need to shake this in order to get through this semester.

What bothers me the most is that we have work before we start school. Come on, teachers!! Summer means to school work! Ugh.

I have procrastinated too. I have to admit it but I have been browsing the internet and calling random friends all to avoid the paper I need to write. Ugh.

I want to set goals for this semester.... here is goes.
1. get a majority of work done before the night before it is due. (my MAJOR problem because I always get it done last minute!)
2. Have a life. Go out at least once a week.
3. Make time for my boyfriend by planning ahead.
4. Think positive.
5. Make friends not enemies at school (even though stuck up girls are in some of my classes)

Hope everyone is have a good back to school week! ugh... I know.

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