Jun 27, 2010

Attack of the sweets!

Being healthy is hard work.

Hopefully within a month it will become habit. Today I realized how much I have been craving and snacking. Sweet foods and carbs kill me. It doesn't help that I work at Panera Bread and have sweets and bread ALL around me. Cookies! French Bread! Bagels! How I love them all. :( Goodbye snacking!

I brought a bag of oatmeal cereal to work so that I had something to snack on instead of pastries!

My boyfriend and I have decided to get healthy together and plan on walking (in the beginning and then running) together (almost) every day. I like having someone doing this with me. I think I will be less likely to cheat. ;)

Still have yet to buy workout shoes...

Goals for this week:
Buy shoes
Buy some healthier snack foods
Walk everyday
Reduce unhealthy snacking
Find some healthy recipes for dinner

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