Jun 28, 2010

Half Price Monday!

My local thrift store has half priced Modays! I went a few years ago and was traumatized because of the lack of parking (I am not too good with parking, in general) and the crazy amount of people.

Today I told myself that I am going to go and just have fun while searching. I had a blast and only spent $16.46!

I bought-
-2 t-shirts (love comfy tees!)
-2 workout shirt (the kind that keep sweat off your body and cost a good amount of money)
-scrapbook kit ( it is opened but it still has paper and an unused, cute book!)
-Combo espresso/coffee maker by delongi

The espresso/coffee combo was such an awesome purchase. It came with all the parts but was a little dusty. I was nervous that it wasn't going to turn on but when I got home it worked PERFECTLY!! YES! I have been looking for a cheap one for when I move out for a looooonnnnggg time!

Oh yes and I only paid $6.56 for it. It sells on ebay for at least $50!

I love saving money.

Anyone else have any good buys lately?

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