Jun 20, 2010

Cranky People

So I worked this morning. By the way I work at Panera Bread doing really any position. I have worked there for four years and it is... a job. I have met a bunch of awesome people, including my boyfriend.

Today was crazy. We usually get our dough from a "Fresh Dough Facility" near Ohare. On Friday the facility lost power because of the storms. They still have not been able to restore power. This means that all of our dough used for the bread for today has to be shipped from St. Louis (over 7hrs away). Long story short- they didn't send us enough dough, so we barely had any bagels. It was father's day (BUSY) and people were pissed that we ran out of bagels by 9am. Not to mention the espresso machine was broke as well. UGH! Long Day.

Customers can be so rude and basically blame the cashiers for something they cannot control. Be nice to cashiers. Please.

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