Jun 21, 2010


I have curly hair.
If you have curly hair too, you know what this means.

Crazy, Frizz, trying TONS of different product, Puff ball, humidity

For years I have been looking for the perfect product that decreases frizz, defines my curls and yet doesn't look like I have wet, crunchy hair.

My daily hair routine usually includes
1. Leave in conditioner like product- just to the botttom portion or my roots
2. Mousse or gel- Flip my head over and scrunch from roots to ends!
3. A little hairspray for the flyaways- just on the top of my head and a little on the ends

And here you have it, some of my favorite products....

I found this product in high school. A friend who has curly hair recommended it and I have been using it since. Do not touch your hair until it is dried or it leaves a sticky feeling on your hands.
Leave-in Conditioner-
I love using a leave-in condition! It makes my hair a lot less frizzy and dry! This one is nice and cheap, too. Perfect for summer.Any curly hair chicks out there? What products to you use?

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