Jun 14, 2010

Sweet and Simple... Not

Throughout this past year I have learned first hand that life is not always sweet or simple. You see- I am a nursing student, I live a home (only to safe money!), I have a boyfriend of three years and I work at Panera Bread. Put all of that together and at times it is a lot to deal with.

DO NOT get me wrong, I am probably one of the most blessed women on the planet. More on that later...

I am writing this for many reasons
1. Myself
I have a handwritten journal but rarely use it. :( My goal for a journal is so that I could share my life with my someday future kids. I wanted to be able to look back and remember everything that I have learned in life. I tend to forgot how much I learn from the little life lessons in life.

2. The rest of the world
I have gained a lot from other bloggers. I cannot really explain it. I feel like you can learn so much from other people's lives... found new places I want to visit, recipes to try, many times I was reminded to thank God for my life.

Some the blogs I read...


Simple Pleasures

Young House Love

Check 'em out...

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