Jun 18, 2010

My Nikon

Did I ever tell you that I love my Nikon d40? I recently purchased it in April and LOVE IT! I never could get this quality with a point and shoot.

I found it on ebay.

Tips for buying a camera on Ebay
  • Do your research before you even get to Ebay and start looking. The easiest way to price compare was to go on google and click the shopping tab. Write these prices down so that you have a comparison when you start bidding.
  • Now that you have the prices get on ebay and start looking for your new camera. Pay attention to the feedback that the seller has received.
  • Read the listing thoroughly so that you know what the seller is offering. Some people do not include the basics- such as a battery. Also know how much shipping will be.
  • Ask questions before you bid. ex-Any scratches? Have you had any problems with the camera?
  • Know the maximum amount of money you will bid.
  • Do not bid too high!
  • 'Watch' the item so that you do not have to keep trying to find it.
...More tips later.

My next purchase will be new lens. I want either a zoom or fisheye. Any suggestions for lens brands (other than nikkor) would be appreciated!

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